Jerica is an English female name of uncertain origin and meaning. In English it’s presumed to be a blend of Jeri (a short form of names such as Jeremy/JeremiahJeromeand Jerald/Jeraldine meaning “ruler of the spear”) and Erica, the feminine form of Eric which comes from Old Norse Eiríkr meaning “ever ruler” or “eternal ruler”; Erica is also the Latin word for “heather”. I’ve also seen Jerica listed as the Slovene diminutive of Jera, which comes from a short form of Slavic Gertruda meaning “spear of strength” from Germanic; or it could be a feminine form of Jericho, the name of an ancient city in the West Bank. The meaning behind the name is uncertain though possible meanings ascribed to it are “moon” from Hebrew yareach or it could be derived from Hebrew reyach meaning “fragrant, smell”. In Arabic it’s known as Ariha which also means “fragrant”.

Jérica is also the name of a town in Spain derived from Arabic šāriqa (شارقة) referring to the eastern slope of the mountain.

Origin: Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European, Arabic



  • Jerrica (English)
  • Jerika (English)
  • Jerikah (English)
  • Jerricah (English)
  • Jericka (English)
  • Jericca (English)


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