Female, Greek mythology, Mermaid/Siren, Mythological creatures, Mythology, Persian, Proto-Indo-European, S names, Virtues/Attributes


Sirina is a female given name with various meanings attributed to it such as:

  • it’s a variant spelling of Serena meaning “calm, tranquil, serene” from Latin serenus;
  • it could also be a variant of Sirin, also a name of uncertain meaning though it could be an elaborated form of Siri, a short form of Sigrid meaning “victory + beautiful, fair” made up from Old Norse sigr (victory) and fríðr (lovely, beautiful, fair);
  • Sirin may also have originated as a contracted form of Severine, which comes from Severina, the feminine form of Severinus, an Ancient Roman name meaning “stern, severe” which is probably derived from PIE root word *segh- (to hold);
  • it could also be the anglicized form of Şirin, the Turkish and Kurdish form of Persian Shirin meaning “sweet”;
  • Sirin is also the name of a mythological bird in Russian legend, with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird (usually depicted as an owl). They seem to be based off the sirens in Greek mythology. Siren comes from Ancient Greek Seirḗn possibly meanings “entangler” or “binder” from seirā́ (cord, rope) and eírō (tie, fasten, join).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European , Persian



  • Serena (Late Roman, Italian, English)
  • Sirena (English, Spanish, Italian)- also the Italian and Spanish word for siren and mermaid



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