B names, Battle/War, Female, Germanic mythology, Mythology, Proto-Germanic, Proto-Indo-European, Virtues/Attributes


Brunhild is a variant spelling of Brünhild, an Ancient Germanic name meaning “armor, protection + battle” made up from Proto-Germanic *brunjǭ (breastplate) and Proto-Germanic *hildiz (battle, fight) derived from a PIE source. In Germanic mythology, Brunhild (also spelled Brynhildr) is a shieldmaiden and valkyrie.

Origin: Proto-Germanic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Brünhild (German)
  • Brunhilde (German, Ancient Germanic)
  • Brunihild (Ancient Germanic)
  • Brynhildr (Ancient Scandanavian, Norse mythology)
  • Brunhilda
  • Brynhildur (Icelandic)
  • Brunilda (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Brynhild (Norwegian, Norse mythology)


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