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Gerrick is a variant spelling of Garrick, a variant of Garwick, an English surname derived from a place name: the second element of the name derives from Old English wīċ (settlement; village; dwelling) which ultimately derives from PIE *weyḱ- (to settle; settlement), while the first part of the name may be derived from an English given name, Gara, of uncertain meaning. Garrick is also the anglicized form of Garrigue, the name of several places in France used to refer to a type of environment found on limestone soils; it’s derived from Old Provençal garrique meaning “grove of oaks”, the plural of garric (oak), a topohgraphical name for someone who lived near an oak grove or a prominent oak tree. Gerrick could also be composed from Old High German ger meaning “spear” (a cognate of Old English garric meaning “power, rule” so the name essentially means “ruler of the spear”. As for pronounciation, I’ve also pronounced Gerrick with a hard g, like Gilbert.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Garrick (English)
  • Gerick (English)
  • Garick (English)



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