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Hawk refers to a group of predatory birds in the Accipitridae family. The name comes from Middle English hauk via Old English hafoc (hawk) from Proto-Germanic *habukaz (hawk) which seems to be derived from PIE root word *keh₂p- (to seize, to grab). As an English verb it’s also used to refer to wares that are being peddled or advertised for sales. Hawk is also a surame derived from the origin above, originally a nickname given to someone who had a predatory nature or someone with a large hooked nose, or it could have arisen as an occupational name for someone who bred and raised hawks. It’s also a locational surname, a topographical name for someone who lived by a nook or a crag; it comes from Old English halh meaning “corner, angle; recess, nook” .

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Old English



  • Hawke (English)
  • Hawking (English)
  • Hawks (English)


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