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Vivaldi is an Italian surname of uncertain meaning. It could be derived from Latin Vivaldus meaning “power in combat” or “strength in battle” made up from Old English wīġ (war, battle) via Proto-Germanic *wīgą (fight, battle) derived from a PIE root word; and walda (might, power, authority) also derived from a PIE root word. Vivaldi could also be related to Wigbald, a Germanic name meaning “bold warrior” from Old English wiga (warrior, fighter) and Germanic bald (bold, brave). I’ve also seen it listed as possibly being derived from Latin viva meaning “life” but that doesn’t seem likely.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European


Female forms:

  • Vivalda (Portuguese, Italian)


Male forms:

  • Vivaldo (Portuguese, Italian)
  • Wigbald (Germanic)
  • Wigbold (Germanic)
  • Wigbod (Germanic)
  • Wicboldus (Latin)
  • Vivaldus (Latinized)


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