Aramaic, Male, Proto-Indo-European, T names, Virtues/Attributes


Thaddeus is the Greek form of Aramaic Thaddai, a name of unknown meaning though it could be derived from an Aramaic word meaning “heart”. It’s just as likely that it could be the Aramaic form of Theodore meaning “gift of God”.

Nicknames: Thad, Tad

Origin: Aramaic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Thaddaeus (Biblical)
  • Thaddaios (Biblical Greek)
  • Thaddai (Aramaic)
  • Tadija (Croatian, Serbian)
  • Tadeáš (Czech, Slovak)
  • Taddeo (Italian)
  • Tadeo (Spanish)
  • Tadas (Lithuanian)
  • Tadeusz (Polish)
  • Tadeu (Portuguese)
  • Faddei (Russian)
  • Faddey (Russian)
  • Tadej (Slovene)


Female forms:

  • Thaddea (English)
  • Thaddaea (English)



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