Luana is a female given name that could be derived from a number of sources:

  • it could be a combination of Lou (a short form of Louise and Louisa meaning “famous battle”) and Anna (grace, favor);
  • it’s also a Hawaiian female name meaning “content, at ease” and “to be at leisure”. It was used for a Polynesian character in the 1932 movie Birds of Paradise which seems to solidify the theory that it is based from a Hawaiian source;
  • Luana is also the name of an important figure in Romanian mythology, the name of a princess.

It’s also possible that Luana is the feminine form of Luan, a male name with various meanings and origins:

  • Luan comes from Albanian meaning “lion” and though Luana could be considered as the feminine form of Luanluaneshë is actually the Albanian word for “lioness”;
  • Luan is also a Brazilian Portuguese male name related to the Portuguese word lua meaning “moon”;
  • it’s also the Irish word for “Monday” (also spelled Luain). It may also be related to Celtic meaning “warrior” although I couldn’t find anything to confirm it;
  • Luan is also a Vietnamese male name meaning “ethics”, spelled Luân;
  • Luan is also an English female name, a variant spelling of Luanne, a combination of Louise/Louise and Anne.
  • Luan is also a Chinese surname and the name of several places in China. I’ve also seen it listed as a Chinese female name meaning “bells” as in bells attached to the emperor’s carriage ()

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, Chinese



  • Luanna (English)
  • Luann (English)
  • Luanne (English)


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