Clytemnestra is the wife of Agamemnon in Greek mythology, the sister of Helen and the mother of Orestes, Iphigenia, Elektra, and Chrysothemis. While her husband is away at war she has an affair and they kill Agamememnon when he returns from the Trojan War. She is later killed by her son Orestes to avenge his father. Clytemnestra is made up of Ancient Greek klytos (famous, noble) and mnester (suitor, wooer) essentially meaning “famed for her suitors”, though the second element has also been linked to mḗdomai meaning “to plan, to think, be cunning), so the name could also mean “famed for her cunning”.

Nicknames: Clytie

Origin: Proto-Indo-European




  • Klytemnestra (Ancient Greek)
  • Klytaimnestra (Ancient Greek)
  • Clytaemnestra (Latinized Ancient Greek)


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