Steffie is the diminutive form of Stephanie, the feminine form of Stephen, an English male name derived from Greek Stephanos which means “crown, wreath” or more literally “that which surrounds, encircles”. In Ancient Greece, it was used as a word to refer to a winner of a contest. It comes from a Proto-Indo-European root word.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Stefani (English)
  • Stephani (English)
  • Stephany (English)
  • Stefanie (English, Dutch, German, Danish)
  • Stephania (English)
  • Stefania (Italian, Polish)
  • Štefanija (Slovene, Croatian)
  • Štěpánka (Czech)
  • Stefana (Dutch)
  • Stéphanie (French)
  • Étiennette (French)
  • Kekepania (Hawaiian)
  • Stefánia (Hungarian)
  • Stefanija (Macedonian)
  • Estefânia (Portuguese)
  • Estefanía (Spanish)
  • Ștefania (Romanian)
  • Štefánia (Slovak)


Male forms:

  • Stephen (English)
  • Stephan (German, Dutch)
  • Stephanos (Ancient Greek)
  • Stefanos (Greek)
  • Stephanus (Latin)
  • Stefanus (Dutch)
  • Steven (English, Dutch)
  • Stepan (Armenian, Russian)
  • Estebe (Basque)
  • Eztebe (Basque)
  • Stefan (German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian)
  • Esteve (Catalan)
  • Stjepan (Croatian, Serbian)
  • Štefan (Slovene, Slovak, Croatian)
  • Stevan (Serbian, Croatian)
  • Stipan (Croatian)
  • Štěpán (Czech)
  • Steffen (Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Low German)
  • Tapani (Finnish)
  • Tahvo (Finnish)
  • Étienne (French)
  • Stéphane (French)
  • Estevo (Galician)
  • Stepane (Georgian)
  • István (Hungarian)
  • Stefán (Icelandic)
  • Stiofán (Irish)
  • Stefano (Italian)
  • Stefans (Latvian)
  • Steponas (Lithuanian)
  • Tipene (Maori)
  • Estienne (Medieval French)
  • Estève (Occitan)
  • Szczepan (Polish)
  • Estevão (Portuguese)
  • Ștefan (Romanian)
  • Steafan (Scottish)
  • Steaphan (Scottish)
  • Esteban (Spanish)
  • Estavan (Spanish)
  • Steffan (Welsh)


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