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Zelia has several possible origins:

  • it could be a variant spelling of Celia, the English form of Caelia, the feminine form of Caelius, an Ancient Roman family name meaning “heaven, sky” from Latin caelum from a Proto-Indo-European root word of uncertain meaning;
  • it’s possible that it’s also a feminine form of Zelos, an Ancient Greek male name meaning “zeal, ardor, jealousy” also derived from a PIE root word. In Greek mythology, Zelos is the personification of zeal, rivalry, emulation, jealousy, envy, and dedication;
  • it could also be a variant of Zelie/Zélie, a French diminutive of Solène (a variant of French name Solange which derives from Sollemnia, a Late Latin name meaning “solemn, religious”; and it’s also a diminutive of Azélie, which could be derived from medieval French Azalaïs, from Adelais, the shortened form of  Germanic Adalheidis meaning “noble character” or “noble type” from Germanic elements adal (noble) and heid (kind, sort, type).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Celia (English, Spanish)
  • Zélia (Portuguese)
  • Zelina (English, Greek)
  • Zélie (French)
  • Zelie (English)


Male forms:

  • Zelos (Ancient Greek)
  • Zelus (Latinized Ancient Greek)




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