Ewan (pr. yoo-an) is a Scottish male name, an anglicized form of Eoghan, a name of uncertain meaning though possibly meaning “of the yew tree” or “born of the yew tree” though I’ve also seen it as possibly being derived from Welsh eoghunn meaning “youth”. Another possible origin for Eoghan is from Celtic Esugenios meaning “good born” derived from Proto-Celtic *esus (good) derived from PIE *h₁esu- (good, well) and *genos (born, birth) also derived from PIE *ǵénh₁os (race, lineage).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Euan (Scottish)
  • Ewen (Scottish)
  • Eoghan (Scottish, Irish)
  • Eógan (Old Irish)
  • Owen (Irish)


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