Anzu is a Japanese female name meaning “apricot” with the kanji 杏子 and 杏. There are likely other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s あんず.

Anzu (Anzû) is also the name of a divine bird or monster in several Near Eastertn mythologies (Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian), depicted as a massive bird with the head of a lion and the body of an eagle and who could breathe fire and water. I’ve seen several possible meanings attributed to it such as “to know heaven” or “the wise one of heaven”, “heavenly eagle” or “heavenly bird”.

Origin: Japanese, Sumerian



  • Anzû (Near Eastern mythology)



  1. I think you got one thing mixed up. The first kanji of the last two forms you showed are actually part of the surnames for actress Anzu Nagai (永井) and fictional character Yukimura (雪村), assuming Wikipedia is where you looked Anzu up. Also, it doesn’t really matter if 杏 and 杏子 are used, they both mean the same thing (in fact, you may be able to figure this out, Anzu = 杏 + 子).


  2. That’s what I get for rushing through this post without paying attention :/ You’re right, of course. I should have seen that before. Thanks for pointing that out!
    Actually, I’m still a little confused about the 杏 and the 杏子 forms because I know that 子 means “child” but in this case it seems to be silent. How does that work out?


  3. The Wiktionary page for the “child” kanji has a particular tidbit in the ‘Etymology 2’ part of the Japanese section stating that it is a part of some kanji combos but doesn’t carry much meaning hence it is optional to include that particular kanji to a word, like it is the case for Anzu.


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