Rishi is an Indian male name meaning “sage, poet” whoch was originally used for a poet who was inspired by Vedic hymns, as well as the name and term of several characters in Hinduism. The origin of the name derives from Sanskrit via Proto-Indo-Iranian *r̥šíš (seer). Rishi is also a Japanese male name with several different meanings depending on the kanji used such as:

  • ri 李 “plum” + shi 斯 “this; thus; such” (李斯);
  • ri 鯉 “carp” + shi  “samurai, warrior; gentleman” (鯉士);
  • ri 利 “profit, benefit, advantage” + shi 子 “child”/ it also refers to the sign of the rat, the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac” (利子)*;
  • ri 理 “reason, logic” + shi 史 “history; chronicle” (理史);
  • ri 里 “village” + shi 詩 “poem, poetry” (里詩).

There are likely other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’sりし.

Origin: Proto-Indo-Iranian, Japanese



*Though the -ko suffix (子) is generally used in female names, it’s also, though rarely, used for boys’ names as well.


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