Achillea is the botanical name for the yarrow which derives its name from the Greek mythological hero Achilles. It got its name because the plant was used to staunch the bleeding of his soldiers during the Trojan War. The origin of the name is of uncertain meaning though the first part of his name has been linked to Greek akhos meaning “pain or grief” while the second element comes from Greek laos (people) so Achilles means “pain of the people” or “grief of the people”. Another possible meaning is from PIE *h₂eḱ-pṓds meaning “sharp foot” perhaps in reference to his quick-footedness, or “painful foot”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Achillina (Italian)


Male forms:

  • Achilles (Ancient Greek)
  • Achille (French, Italian)
  • Achilleus (Ancient Greek)
  • Achilleas (Greek)
  • Achilleus


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