Bartholomew is the Greek form of an Aramaic name meaning “son of Talmai” made up from Aramaic bar (son) and Talmai, the latter either a Hebrew name meaning “furrow”, either referring to a ploughman or someone who owned land; or it could be related to Ptolemy meaning “warlike, aggressive” which comes from Ancient Greek pólemos (war, battle) derived from a pre-Greek origin. Bartholomew is also a surname derived from the given name.

Nicknames: Bart, Bartie/Barty

Origin: Aramaic, Hebrew, pre-Greek



  • Bartholomaios (Biblical Greek)
  • Bartholomeus (Biblical Latin)
  • Bartomeu (Catalan)
  • Bartol (Croatian)
  • Bartolomej (Croatian, Slovak)
  • Bartoloměj (Czech)
  • Bartholomeus (Dutch, Latin)
  • Perttu (Finnish)
  • Barthélémy (French)
  • Bartolomeu (Portuguese, Galician)
  • Bartholomäus (German)
  • Bertalan (Hungarian)
  • Bartolomeo (Italian)
  • Bartolo (Italian diminutive of Bartolomeo)
  • Bate (Medieval English diminutive of Bartholomew)
  • Bartłomiej (Polish)
  • Varfolomei (Russian)
  • Varfolomey (Russian)
  • Vartolomej (Serbian)
  • Bartolomé (Spanish)


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