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Gael (pr. ga-el or gale) is an anglicized spelling of Gaël, a Breton male name of uncertain origin and meaning. It could be derived from a contracted form of Gwenaël, a French name meaning “generous” or “white +genereous” from Breton gwenn (white, fair, blessed) derived from Proto-Celtic *windos (white); and hael (generous). I’ve also seen it linked to Gael, the ethonym of an ethnic group related to Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Manx. The origin of the word comes from Old Irish Goídel which comes from Old Welsh Guoidel meaning “wild man”, “warrior” which ultimately derives from PIE *weydʰ- (wood, wilderness). As a female name, it’s a variant spelling of Gail or Gayle, originally a short form of Abigail meaning “my father is joy” from Hebrew.

Origin: Proto-Celtic, Proto-Indo-European, Hebrew



  • Gaël (Breton, French, Spanish)
  • Gwenaël (Breton, French)
  • Gwenhael (French, Breton)
  • Guénaël (French)


Female forms:

  • Gaëlle (French, Breton)
  • Gwenaëlle (French, Breton)
  • Gaelle (English)


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