Jewel refers to a gem or precious stone, something that is considered a valuable and costly object. The origin of the word comes from Anglo-Norman juel via Old French jouel meaning “treasure, jewel”. The origin of the word is uncertain though it may be based from Latin iocus (or jocus) meaning “joke, jest” derived from PIE *yek- (to speak); or it could be derived from Latin gaudium meaning “joy, delight” from Latin gaudere (to rejoice, to take pleasure in) also derived from a PIE root word. Jewel is also an English surname (also spelled Jewell) which derives its source from a Breton male given name, Judicaël, meaning “generous lord” from iud (lord, prince) and cael (generous). Though Jewel is primarily a female given name in the modern century, it seems to have been used as a male name as well which is why I’ve listed it as a unisex name.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Breton



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