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Posey is a variant spelling of Posy, a shortened form of poesy which originally referred to a small bunch or a bouquet of flowers, or as an archaic word for a motto inscribed inside a ring. The word poesy means “poem” from Middle French poesie (poetry, poem) via Latin poesis (poem, poetry) derived from Ancient Greek poíēsis (poetry, poem; a creation) via poiein (to create, compose) derived from a PIE root word. Posey is also an English adjective used to refer to someone who is pretentious or someone who tends to pose as something they’re not . Posey is also an English surname, likely derived as a place name for someone who either came from a place called Poce or Posa, or someone who lived near a post by an enclosure.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Posy (English)
  • Poesy (English)
  • Posie (English)


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