Torrence comes from a Scottish surname derived from a place name derived from Gaelic torran meaning “hillock” or “mound”. It may also have derived from an Irish surname, Ó Toráin meaning “descendant of Torán”, the latter an Irish male name meaning “little lord” or “little hero, champion” from Irish tor (lord, hero, champion) and the diminutive suffix -án. It’s also possible that Torrence is a variant spelling of Terrence, the English form of Roman family name Terentius which is of uncertain meaning though it could be derived from Latin terens meaning “rubbing, wearing away” from Latin terere (to rub, to wear out) though it might also be related to Sabine terenus meaning “soft”. In some cases, Terence has also been used as an anglicized spelling of Toirdhealbhach (also anglicized as Turlough), an Irish male name meaning “instigator” derived from Gaelic toirdhealbh (prompting)

Origin: Scottish, Irish, Latin, Sabine



  • Torrance (English)
  • Terrence (English)
  • Terrance (English)
  • Terence (English)


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