A names, Female, Hebrew, Mythology, Proto-Indo-European, Roman mythology, Sky/Heavens, Virtues/Attributes


Adiana is a female given name of uncertain origin and meaning. It’s possible that it’s a variant of Diana, the name of the Roman goddess of the hunt, moon, forests, and childbirth. Though the name is of uncertain origin and meaning, it’s been linked to the PIE *deywós (god), a derivative of root *dyew- (bright; sky, heaven). Adiana could also be an elaborated form of Adi, a Hebrew unisex name meaning “ornament” or “jewel” though Adi has other forms and meanings (it’s a diminutive of Adolf in German and Adrian in Romanian, as well as an Indonesian male name meaning “first” from Sanskrit adi meaning “beginning, source, origin”). Adiana is also the name of a type of tubal ligation method.

I looked up Adiana at ancestry.com and it seems to have been most often used in the late 1890s and early 1900s which makes me wonder if it really was used as a variant of Diana or whether it had a different source.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Hebrew



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