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Cara comes from an Italian word, the feminine singular of caro meaning “dear, beloved; precious, expensive”; it comes from Latin cārus (dear, beloved; expensive) via Proto-Italic *kāros (dear) derived from PIE root word *keh₂- (to desire, wish). Cara is also an Irish word meaning “friend” coming from Old Irish carae (friend; relative) via Proto-Celtic *karants (friend) derived from the same PIE root word as above. Cara also seems to be a word in several languages: in Indonesian, it means “way; manner”; in Latin, it not only means “dear, beloved” but it also means “face, head”, derived from Ancient Greek kárā; in Asturian, Catalan, and Portuguese it also means “face” which both derive from Ancient Greek kárā; in Spanish it means “face” as well as “expensive”.

Cara is also an Italian surname derived from caro meaning “dear, beloved” as well as a Spanish and Portuguese surname derived from cara meaning “face”, likely derived as a nickname for someone with a beautiful or distinctive face.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Kara (English)
  • Carah (English)
  • Karra (English)
  • Carra (English)
  • Caro (English)


Male forms:

  • Caro



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