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Grayer is an English surname of uncertain meaning and origin. It could be an anglicized form of Grauer, a German surname meaning “gray”, originally starting out as a nickname for someone who had gray hair or a gray beard. The etymology of the name comes from German grau (gray) derived from Proto-Germanic *grēwaz (gray). Grayer may also have arisen as a variant spelling of Gruyer, a French surname that seems to be derived from an occupational name for a forester. Grayer could be an elaboration of Gray, a unisex given name derived from a surname or the color gray, referring to something that is the color between white and black such as ash, or used to describe someone or something that is dark, dismal, and gloomy. It comes from Middle English grey, grei from Old English grǣġ (gray) via Proto-Germanic *grēwaz (grey).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Greyer (English)


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