Female, J names, Mythology, Proto-Indo-European, Roman mythology, Virtues/Attributes


Junia is an Ancient Roman name, the feminine form of Junius which seems to be derived from the name of the Roman goddess Juno. Though the etymology behind the name is uncertain, it could be linked to Latin iuvenis meaning “youthful, young” from Proto-Indo-European root word *h₂ey- (vital force, life, age, eternity).

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Iunia (Latin)
  • Iuno (Ancient Roman)
  • Iounia (Biblical Greek)
  • Júnia (Spanish, Portuguese)
  • Júnía (Icelandic)


Male forms:

  • Junius (Ancient Roman)
  • Iunius (Latin)
  • Júníus (Icelandic)


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