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Morena is a Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian female name, the feminine form of Moreno meaning “brown, dark brown, dusky, brunette”. The origin of the word derives from Latin maurus (Moorish, Moor) via an Ancient Greek origin. It’s also a Spanish and Italian surname derived from the given name. Morena is also a word in the Sotho language, a Southern Bantu language primarily spoken in South Africa; it means “chief, leader” and used as a form of address for someone who was in charge or authority. Morena is also the Slovak and Macedonian form of Morana, another form of Marzanna, an ancient Slavic goddess associated with winter and death. Though the origin of the name is uncertain it has been associated with PIE *mer- (to die). Morena is also the name of a place in India although I couldn’t find anything behind the meaning of it.

Origin: Ancient Greek, Bantu, Proto-Indo-European




  • Morana (Czech, Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Bosnian)
  • Marzanna (Slavic mythology)
  • Mara (Belarusian and Ukrainian form of Marzanna or Morana)


Male forms:

  • Moreno (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)


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