Elvira (pr. el-vye-ra or el-vee-ra though I prefer the former pronounciation) is a female given name, the Spanish form of a Visigothic name of uncertain meaning. Some possible meanings listed for it are:

  • “all true” from Germanic elements ala (all) and wer (true);
  • it could also be made up from Proto-Germanic *alja (other, foreign) and wer (true);
  • it could be a variant of Guilvira, an Old Gothic name made up from Gothic *gails (wanton, frolic, funny, carefree, lustful) or gailjan (to delight, to gladden) combined with either wer (true) or war (attentive, shy, aware, wise). The first element of the name may also be derived from Gothic *gails (spear);
  • it’s also possible that Elvira originated as a variant of Albreda, a Medieval German feminine form of Alberich meaning “elf power”;
  • it could also be related to Alvaro, the Spanish and Portuguse form of Alfarr, an Old Norse name meaning “elf warrior” or “elf army”  from Old Norse elements alfr (elf) and arr (warrior) or herr (army), or could be related from a Visigothic name meaning “all noble”;
  • it may also be related to Spanish elva/elba meaning “white”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Elvire (French)
  • Elwira (Polish)
  • Allovera (possibly an Old German form of Elvira)
  • Elvíra (Czech, Slovak, Icelandic)


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