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Grant is a male given name which derives from an English and Scottish surname meaning “great, large” from Norman French graund (tall, large) via Latin grandis, grandem (large, great, grand; full-grown; full, abundant; powerful) derived from a PIE root word. Grant also comes from Old English personal Granta, of uncertain meaning though possibly derived from Old English granian meaning “to groan” or “to lament” or “snarler” or from Germanic grenian meaning “to grin”, “to gnash the teeth” or “to howl, whine”. Grant could also be a variant spelling of Grandt or Grand, a Germanic surname meaning “coarse gravel”, referring to someone who lived in a gravelly area. Grant is also an English word meaning “to bestow or allow something”, “to admit defeat” or “to transfer property” which comes from Old French granter (to promise, guarantee), a variant of Latin creanter (to allow, permit) via Latin credere (to believe, to trust) which also derives from a PIE root word.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



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