Laney originally derived as a nickname for names such as Elaine (which is an Old French form of Helen, the English form of Greek Helene  an Ancient Greek name of uncertain etymology though it’s been linked to Greek helene meaning “torch” or “corposant”, though it might also be linked to selene meaning “moon”). It could also be used as a nickname for any name with an l in it, such as Maddalena or Magdalena (which derives from Hebrew migdal meaning “tower”), HelenaMelina (which could be derived from Greek meli “honey”, it could be a variant of Melissa meaning “bee, honeybee”, or it could be a variant of Melanie meaning “black, dark”), Delaney, etc. Laney is also a surname, an Irish surname which could be derived from McElhinney, the anglicized form of Mac Giolla Choinnigh meaning “son of the servant of Coinneach”, the latter a Scottish male name meaning “handsome”, sometimes anglicized as Kenneth. It’s also possible that Laney is a shortened form of Delaney, an Irish and English surname which either derives from a Norman French place name meaning “from the alder grove” or it’s an anglicized form of an Irish surname meaning “descendant of Dubhshláine”, the latter made up from Gaelic elements dubh (black) and slán (defiance, challenge) though it also means “healthy, safe”. The latter element may also refer to the River Sláine (anglicizied as Slaney) meaning “health, healthy”.

It’s also possible that Laney is a variant of Lane meaning “lane, path” derived from a PIE root word. Lane is also a surname, the anglicized form of three Gaelic surnames:

  • Ó Laighin meaning “descendant of Laighean”, the latter a byname meaning “spear” or “javelin” (the name has also been anglicized as Lyons and Lyne);
  • Ó Luain meaning “descendant of Luan”, the latter a byname meaning “warrior”;
  • Ó Liatháin meaning “descendant of Liathán”, the latter a given name meaning “gray” from Old Irish liath.

Origin: Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European, Norman French, Gaelic



  • Lainey (English)
  • Lainie (English)
  • Lanie (English)
  • Lane (English) u
  • Layne (English) u
  • Layna (English) f


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