Seraphina is the feminine form of Seraphinus which derives from Hebrew s’rafím, the plural form of saráf which means “to burn” as well as “seraph; venemous serpent”. Seraph refers to the highest order of angels with six wings, hands, and feet. They supposedly emit such a bright light that no one can look straight at them which is why they are known as the “fiery ones” or “the burning ones”.

Nicknames: Sera, Fina

Origin: Hebrew



  • Serafina (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish)
  • Serafima (Russian, Macedonian)
  • Séraphine (French)
  • Seraphine (English)
  • Seraph (English, Hebrew)


Male forms:

  • Séraphin (French)
  • Seraphin (English)
  • Serafeim (Greek)
  • Serafim (Greek, Russian, Romanian, Macedonian)
  • Serafino (Italian)
  • Seraphinus (Late Roman)
  • Serafin (Polish)
  • Seraph (English, Hebrew)


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