Breton, J names, Male, Virtues/Attributes


Judikael is the Breton form of Judicaël, itself the French form of Old Breton Iudicael which means “generous lord” or “generous prince” from iud (lord, prince) and cael (generous).

Nicknames: Jude, Kael/Cael, Kale/Cale

Origin: Breton



  • Judicaël (French)
  • Iudicael (Old Breton)
  • Yezekael (Breton)
  • Juhel (French)
  • Judael (French)
  • Judel (French)
  • Judhael (French)
  • Judhel (French)
  • Judhellus (Latinized French)


Feminine forms:

  • Judicaëlle (French, Breton)



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