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Summer refers to the warmest season of the year in which the days are long and the nights short and has been used as a (primarily) female given name. It comes from Middle English somer, sumer (summer) from Old English sumor via Proto-Germanic *sumaraz (summer) derived from a PIE root word. Summer is also a word used to refer to a heavy horizontal timber that serves as a supporting beam or lintel. The origin of this word comes from Anglo-Norman sumer, sommetier (packhorse, mule, beast of burden) via Vulgar Latin saumarius via Latin sagmarius, used to refer to something (mainly a horse) relating to or having a saddle from Latin sagma (saddle) derived from Ancient Greek sattein (to pack, press, stuff). Summer is also an English surname derived from the origin above as well as an anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Samhraidh meaning “descendant of Samhradh”, the latter a Scottish Gaelic word meaning “summer” from Proto-Celtic *samos (summer) via a PIE root word.

Origin: Ancient Greek, Proto-Indo-European



  • Sommer (English)
  • Sumer (English)
  • Somer (English)


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