A names, Male, Proto-Indo-European, Surname names, Virtues/Attributes


Alden comes from an English surname derived from personal given name Ealdwine meaning “old friend” made up from Old English eald (old) via Proto-Germanic *aldaz (old, grown up) derived from a PIE root word; and wine (friend, lord, protector) which also derives from a PIE root word. Alden could also be a variant form of Aldan or Haldan, a Swedish form of Halfdan, the Norwegian and Danish form of Old Norse Hálfdan meaning “half Dane” likely originating as a nickname for someone who was half-Danish.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European



  • Aldan (English, Scottish)
  • Aldwyn (English)
  • Aldwin (English)
  • Aldwine (Old English)
  • Alvin (English)
  • Elvin (English)
  • Hálfdan (Ancient Scandinavian, Icelandic)
  • Halfdan (Norwegian, Danish)
  • Halvdan (Norwegian)
  • Halfdanr (Old Norse)
  • Haldane (English, Scottish)
  • Healfdene (Old English)
  • Haldanus (Latin)


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