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Jadin is a variant spelling of Jaden,  and while seemingly a modern American name that has become increasingly popular in the last two decades with the aden suffix (alongside Aiden, Hayden, Caden), it’s possible that it arose as a variant spelling of Jadon, a Hebrew male name of uncertain meaning though I’ve seen it listed as either meaning “thankful” or “he will judge”. It’s also possible that Jadin arose as a combination of either Jason (which comes from Ancient Greek meaning “cure, healing, remedy”) or Jay combined with the aden suffix. Jadin is also a French surname though its derivation seems to be uncertain. I’ve seen it listed as being derived as a diminutive of Jade, an occupational name for someone who made or sold bowls made out of jade; or it could have originated as a derivative of Gérard, a French given name meaning “brave spear” derived from Germanic elements.

Origin: Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Proto-Indo-European



  • Jayden (English)
  • Jaden (English)
  • Jaydon (English)
  • Jadon (Hebrew, English)
  • Yadon (Hebrew)
  • Jaiden (English)
  • Jadyn (English)



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