Aramaic, Female, Nickname names, Sabine/Oscan, T names, Virtues/Attributes, Word names


Tanya originated as a Russian diminutive for Tatiana which is the feminine form of Tatianus, an Ancient Roman name which is a derivative of Tatiusa name of unknown meaning though it could be of Sabine origin. I’ve seen a few possible meanings attached to it such as Latin tata meaning “daddy”, a term used by children; or that it could be from Ancient Greek táttōthe Attic form of tássō meaning “to arrange, put in order” though it doesn’t seem likely since Tatius seems to be pre-Roman and pre-Greek in origin. According to Roman myth, Titus Tatius was a Sabine king who co-ruled with the Roman king Romulus for several years until his death. He had a daughter, Tatia, who married Romulus’s successor. Tanya is also a Hebrew word derived from an Aramaic origin meaning “it was taught in baraita”

Origin: Sabine, Aramaic



  • Tania (English, Italian)
  • Tanja (German, Finnish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)
  • Latanya (African American, English)
  • LaTanya (African American, English)


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