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Almanzo was a name I first came across years ago when I was a girl, reading the Little House on the Prairie books, a series of autobiographical books featured around its author, Laura Ingalls Wilder, growing up in the American Midwest from the 1870s to the 1890s. Almanzo first appears in Farmer Boy (1933) which focuses on his childhood and family, and doesn’t appear again until The Long Winter (1940) and in subsequent books. He marries Laura Ingalls. In the books, the origin of his name is said to be derived from Arabic from the time of the Crusades. Apparently an ancestor of his had gone to the Crusades and was saved by an Arab named El Manzoor, which later became anglicized to Almanzo, making it a family name passed on down the line. Whether that story is true or not I don’t know; I’ve seen two other Almanzo’s on Wikipedia who seem to have no relation to Almanzo Wilder. As for the meaning of the name, it could be derived from Arabic mansurمنصور meaning “victorious, triumphant” so El Manzoor means “the victorious one”.

Almanzo is also a surname, likely a variant of Almanza, a Spanish surname derived from Arabic manzil منزل meaning “house” or munsiمُنْصِف meaning “just, fair” or nusf, nisf نِصْف meaning “half; middle”.

Nicknames: Man, Manly, Al

Origin: Arabic



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