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Rani is a female given name, a Persian, Urdu, and Indian name meaning “queen” which comes from Sanskrit rā́jñī राज्ञी (queen, princess) via a Proto-Indo-Iranian source which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. I’ve also seen Rani listed as being a Hebrew unisex name, either originating as a nickname for Ran, a Hebrew male name meaning “to sing”; or it could be a variant of Roni, a Hebrew unisex name with the same meaning. I’ve also seen it listed as a Faroese and Old Danish form of Hrani, an Icelandic and Old Norse name meaning “rough, brutal” though another meaning for it I’ve seen listed is “blusterer”; it’s one of the bynames of the Norse god Odin. Rani is also an Arabic male name meaning “gaze, observe”

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Hebrew, Old Norse, Arabic


Female forms:

  • Ranee (Indian)


Male forms:

  • Hrani (Old Norse, Icelandic)
  • Rane (Old Swedish form of Hrani)


Rani راني (Arabic)

Rani רָנִי (Hebrew)

Rani रानी (Hindi)

Rani రాణీ (Telugu)

Rani राणी (Marathi)


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