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Jamal is an Arabic male name meaning “handsome, beauty” from root (j-m-lج م ل (beauty). It’s also a surname deriving from the given name. Jamil is a variant form of the name which derives from the same root source; it also means “handsome, beautiful, pretty”.

Origin: Arabic



  • Jamaal (Arabic)
  • Gamal (Egyptian Arabic)
  • Cemal (Turkish)
  • Dzhamal (Chechen)
  • Jamil (Arabic)
  • Jameel (Arabic)
  • Gamil (Egyptian Arabic)
  • Gameel (Egyptian Arabic)


Female forms:

  • Jamila (Arabic)
  • Jameela (Arabic)
  • Jamillah (Arabic)
  • Jamilla (Arabic)
  • Gamila (Egyptian Arabic)
  • Gameela (Egyptian Arabic)
  • Djamila (Maghrebi Arabic)
  • Cemile (Turkish)
  • Yamila (Latin American Spanish)


Jamal- جمال (Arabic)

Jamil- جميل (Arabic)


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