Deanna is an English female name which could be the feminine form of Dean, either from Middle English dene meaning “valley”, a habitional name for someone who lived near one; or else it’s an occupational surname meaning “dean”, referring to a person who was a dean or someone who worked for one, referring to an ecclesialtical head of a cathedral. It’s derived from Latin decanus meaning “chief of ten” in reference to someone who was in charge of ten people. It’s also possible that Deanna is a variant form of Dianathe Roman goddess of the hunt, moon, forests and childbirth. Though the name is of uncertain origin and meaning, it’s been linked to the PIE *deywós (god), a derivative of root *dyew- (bright; sky, heaven).

Deanna is also a Scottish Gaelic word, the genitive form of deann meaning “rush, dash, haste, speed”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Scottish Gaelic



  • Deanne (English)
  • Deeann (English)
  • Deeanne (English)
  • Deeanna (English)
  • Deana (English)
  • Deena (English)
  • D’Anna (English)
  • Diana (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Catalan, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Polish)
  • Dianna (English)


Male forms:

  • Dean (English)
  • Dene (English)
  • Deen (English, Arabic)


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