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Zia is an Arabic male name, a variant transcription of Ziya derived from Arabic diya (ضياء) meaning “splendor, light, glow” and is also an Arabic surname derived from the given name. Zia is also an Italian word meaning “aunt” which comes from Late Latin thia (aunt) via Ancient Greek theíā (aunt) derived from a PIE root word. Zia is also a Hebrew male name meaning “flutter, tremble, quake, shudder” froma Hebrew verb זועZia is also the name of a New Mexican tribe as well as the name of a tribe in Papua New Guinea. Zia (also spelled Tzia) is also an alternative name for the Greek island Kea.

Zia has also been used as an English female given name, either as a variant spelling of Sia or a short form of names ending in –zia like Luzia, the Portuguese and German form of Lucia, the feminine form of Lucius meaning “light” from Latin lux which ultimately derives from a PIE root word.

Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, Proto-Indo-European


Male forms:

  • Ziya (Arabic, Turkish)
  • Diya (Arabic)
  • Dia (Arabic)


Zia- ضياء (Arabic)

Zia- זִ֫יעַ (Hebrew)



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