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Enya is the anglicized form of Eithne, an Irish female name meaning “kernel, grain” (though it’s also been anglicized as Edna and Etna). However, some sources cite it as a feminine form of Aidan,which comes from Old Irish áed with the diminutive suffix -an meaning “little fire” or “little fiery one” although it seems to be a stretch; and it could be related to Old Irish aiten meaning “furze, gorse”. In Irish mythology, Eithne is the daughter of the Fomorian leader Balor and the mother of Lugh, who becomes an important god in Irish mythology.

Origin: Irish



  • Eithne (Irish, Scottish)
  • Aithne (Irish)
  • Ethna (Irish)
  • Ethne (Irish)
  • Etna (Irish)
  • Ethniu (Old Irish)



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