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Dionis is the Romanian male form of Dionysius, the Latinized form of Dionysus who is the Greek god of wine, revelry, fertility and madness. Although the etymology behind the name isn’t quite clear-cut, the first part of the name, Dio-, means “of Zeus” though it could also be related to Proto-Indo-European *dyews meaning “sky, heaven, god” and “shining”. The second part -nysus might be derived from Nysa, the name of a mountain in which Dionysios was raised by the nymphs who lived there; the name might be related to an archaic Greek word meaning “tree”. Dionis is also a female name which could be a short form of Dionysia, the feminine form of Dionysius. Dionis is also a surname also derived from the given name above, as well as also being the genitive singular of Latin Diōn. 

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Ancient Greek


Male forms:

  • Dionís (Catalan)
  • Dionysius (Latinized Ancient Greek)
  • Dionysios (Ancient Greek)
  • Dionisie (Romanian)
  • Dionisio (Spanish, Italian)
  • Dionísio (Portuguese)
  • Dênis (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Diniz (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Dinis (European Portuguese)
  • Dion (Ancient Greek, English)
  • Deion (English)
  • Deon (English)
  • Denis (English, French, Russian, German, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Romanian, Croatian)
  • Dennis (English, German, Dutch)
  • Dénes (Hungarian)
  • Tenney (Medieval English diminutive of Denis)
  • Dionýz (Slovak)
  • Denys (Ukrainian)


Female forms:

  • Dionysia (Late Roman)
  • Dionisia (Spanish, Italian)
  • Dionísia (Portuguese)
  • Denise (English, French, Dutch)
  • Denisa (Czech, Slovak, Romanian)
  • Denice (English)
  • Deniece (English)
  • Diot (Medieval English diminutive of Dionysia)
  • Dye (Medieval English short form of Dionysia)



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