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Yuya is an Ancient Egyptian male name, belonging to a powerful courtier during the 18th dynasty of Egypt, living circa 1390 BCE. His daughter, Tiye, was the wife of Amenhotep III, making her queen of Egypt, and the mother of Akhenaten, and seemed to have a large influence at court. The etymology behind the name is uncertain, though it seems as if Yuya was not of Eyptian origin and may have been Nubian or Mitannian. Some sites say it might means “reed-leaf” from Ancient Egyptian yw or “man with hand to mouth”. Yuya is also a Japanese male name with a variety of meanings depending on the kanji used:

  • yu 勇 “courage, brave” + ya  “to be” (勇也);
  • yu  “midair” + ya 也 “to be” (宙也);
  • yu  “tenderness, gentleness; good, excellent” + ya  “all the more; increasingly” (優弥);
  • yu “midair” + ya  “question mark” (宙耶);
  • yu 佑 “help; assist” + ya  “license; sincerity; permit” (佑允);
  • yu “help; assist” + ya  “to be” (佑也);
  • yu “tenderness, gentleness; good, excellent” + ya 也 “to be” (優也);
  • yu “courage, brave” + ya  “to be” (勇也);
  • yu “rich, abundant; fertile” + ya 也 “to be” (裕也);
  • yu 宥 “soothe; calm; pacify” + ya  “all the more; increasingly” (宥弥);
  • yu  “rich, abundant; fertile” + ya  “how; what; alas; question mark” (裕哉);
  • yu  “help” + ya 哉 “how; what; alas; question mark” (祐哉);
  • yu 遊 “to play” + ya  “arrow” (遊矢).

There are other meanings depending on the kanji used. Written in hiragana it’s ゆうや (Yuuya) and ゆや (Yuya).

Origin: Ancient Egyptian, Japanese 



  • Yuuya (Japanese)
  • Yūya (Japanese)


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