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Archie is often used as a short form of Archibald, a Scottish and English male name meaning “genuine, precious + bold” made up from Germanic elements *erknaz (pure, holy, genuine, precious) and *balþaz (bold, strong). Archie could also be used as a nickname for Archana, an Indian female name meaning “honoring, praising” or even Archer

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Sanskrit



  • Archy (English)
  • Archibald (Scottish, English)
  • Archembald (Ancient Germanic)
  • Erchambald (Ancient Germanic)
  • Ercanbald (Ancient Germanic)
  • Erkanbald (Ancient Germanic)
  • Erkanbold (Ancient Germanic)
  • Archaunbault (Old French)
  • Archina (English)- feminine form of Archibald
  • Archana (Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil)
  • Archer (English)



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