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Lassarina is the anglicized form of Lasairfhíona, an Irish female name meaning “flame wine” or “wine made from flames” made up from Irish lasair (flame) via Old Irish lasar (flame, fire) from Proto-Celtic *laxsarā; and Irish fíonathe genitive singular of fíon (wine) via Old Irish fín (wine) from Proto-Celtic *wīnom (wine) via Latin vīnum (wine) deriving from a PIE root word. Apparently, the fh in Irish is always silent.

In Irish mythology, Lasair is part of a goddess triad (along with her sisters Inghean Bhuidhe and Latiaran) who presided over the growing, ripening, and harvesting of the crops. Lasair is the goddess of spring budding, Inghean Bhuidhe representing the growing and ripening of the crops, and the youngest, Latiaran, representing the harvesting of the crop. Lasair is described as having long black hair, wears a silver crown with silver jewelry and armbands, and lived in a red castle with an orchard. The god Flann brought her the Rose of Sweetness which never withers, the Comb of Magnificence, and the Girdle of Truth.

Origin: Proto-Celtic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Lasairfhíona (Ancient Irish)
  • Lasairfhiona (Irish, English)
  • Lasarina (Irish)
  • Lasair (Irish)
  • Lassar (Irish)
  • Lasrach (Irish, Scottish)


Male forms:

  • Laisrén (Irish)
  • Laisréan (Irish)
  • Lasrén (Irish)
  • Laisrán (Irish)


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