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Maven comes from an English word referring to someone who is an expert in a particular field, such as wine or coffee; basically a connoisseur. The origin of the word comes from Yiddish mevyn (expert, connoisseur, know-it-all) derived from Hevrew mevin (one who understands, connoisseur, expert). I’ve also seen Maven listed as an anglicized form of Meidhbhínan Irish female name which is a diminutive of Meadhbha variant of Medb (anglicized as Maevewhich means “intoxicating” in Gaelic. Although from what I could find out, it’s pronounced Maeveen while Maven is pronounced may-vin.

Maven is also a surname. I couldn’t find an exact origin behind the surname- it could be an anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Mathghamhna (Mac Mathuna) meaning “son of Mathuna”, the latter from Irish mathúin(bear) via Old Irish mathgamain (bear) although I’m not sure how accurate that is since the pronounciation is different. Another possible origin behind the surname is that it comes from an Anglo-Saxon source with three possible sources:

  • it may have derived as a diminutive form of Old English given name Mawa, originally used as a nickname; it comes from Old English maew (gull, seagull) derived from a Proto-Germanic source;
  • it could have arisen from Middle English maw, maugh which could have originally been a shortened form of the word mother combined with a diminutive suffix or it could be related to Old English mǣġ meaning “kinswoman or female relative” derived from Proto-Germanic *mēgaz (kin; relative through marriage); though maw, maugh could also be derived from the same source listed above;
  • it could also be derived from a topographic name, from Middle English mawe “meadow” combined with a diminutive suffix.

Origin: Hebrew, Proto-Celtic, Proto-Germanic



Female forms:

  • Mavin (English)
  • Mayvin (English)
  • Mayven (English)
  • Maeveen (Irish)


Male forms:

  • Mavin (English)


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