Chance comes from an English word in reference to something that happens randomly or by luck or the probability of something happening. It comes from Old French chance (fortune, luck, accident) via Vulgar Latin *cadentia (that which is falling) from Latin cadens (falling) deriving from PIE *ḱh₂d- (to fall). Chance is also an English surname deriving from the origin above. Chance could also be a short form of Chauncey, an English name that comes from a Norman origin via a place name which comes from Cantius, a Roman-Gallic name meaning “coastal district” or “corner land, promontory”, possibly deriving from a Brythonic origin, though Chance could also be a short form of Chancellor, a title of head for various official positions in government. It comes from Late Latin cancellarius (a kind of porter or doorkeeper; secretary) via a PIE origin.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Brythonic


Male forms:

  • Chauncey (English)
  • Chauncy (English)
  • Chancy (English)
  • Chancellor (English)


Female forms:

  • Chancy (English)


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