Ciro (pr. chee-ro in Italian, cee-ro in Latin American Spanish) is the Italian and Spanish form of Cyrus, the Latinized form of Ancient Greek Kyros, the Greek form of Persian Kurush of unknown meaning and origin. Several possible meanings have been listed for it, however, such as “far-sighted”, “young”, “sun”, “hero”, “one who bestows care”, and “humiliator of the enemy in verbal contest” from Elamite, an extinct language that was once spoken in present day Iran. The name has also possibly been associated with Greek kyrios meaning “lord”.

Nicknames: Cirino (Italian and Spanish diminutive of Ciro)

Origin: Ancient Persian, Elamite



  • Cyrus (English, Latinized Ancient Greek, Biblical Latin)
  • Kyros (Greek, Ancient Greek)
  • Kurush (Ancient Persian)
  • Kourosh (Persian)
  • Kurosh (Persian)
  • Koorosh (Persian)
  • Koresh (Biblical Hebrew)
  • Kir (Russian)


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