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Kade is a variant spelling of Cade, an English occupational surname for a cooper which comes from Old French cade (barrel, cask) via Latin cadus (bottle, jar, jug) from Ancient Greek káddos (pail, jar, cask, vessel for water or wine) which may be derived from a Semitic origin. Cade may also have originated as a Medieval English given name, Cada, which comes from a Germanic root word meaning “lump” or “swelling”; it may also be related to Middle English cade referring to a pet or domestic animal that has been abandoned by its mother and reared by hand. The word itself comes from an unknown origin. As a surname it seems to have originated as a nickname for a gentle or inoffensive person. Cade is also another name for the Juniperus oxycedrus (also known as prickly juniper or cade juniper ( from French genévrier cade); Cade is also the Italian third-person singular present of cadere meaning “to fall” which ultimately derives from a PIE root word. Kade is also a German surname, originally deriving from a locational surname for anyone who came from a village called Kade though I couldn’t find anything behind its meaning.

Origin: Semitic, Germanic, Proto-Indo-European



  • Cade (English)
  • Kayde (English)
  • Cayde (English)
  • Caide (English)
  • Kaide (English)
  • Cadrian (English)
  • Kadrian (English)


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