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Nala is an Indian male name meaning “stem, reed” and is the name of a king in Hindu mythology, specifially the Mahābhārata, a Sanskrit epic poem. There’s also another character named Nala in the Ramayana (another Sanskrit epic poem) who builds the Rama Setu (Rama’s Bridge) so that Rama could reach Lanka (an island fortress in Hindu mythology) and rescue his kidnapped wife Sita from the Rakshasa king Ravana.

Nala has also been used as a female given name, probably famously associated with Disney’s The Lion King (1994) who would later become the wife of Simba. The name could be a variant form of Arabic Naila maning “attainer, achiever, go-getter” or it could be a variant of Nahla (نهلة) meaning “a drink of water” though spelled نَحْلَة (Nahla), it also means “bee”. Nala is also an African female name meaning “successful” though it could also mean “gift”. Nala could also be a variant of Nalo meaning “beloved” or a variant of Nahala, a Persian female name meaning “young tree” or “young plant, sapling”. Spelled Nâla, it’s a Greenlandic name of unknown meaning.

Origin: Sanskrit, Arabic, African, Persian, Greenlandic



  • Naala (Greenlandic)


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