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Milan is the name of a city in Italy, the capital of Lombardy. The name comes from Latin Milano from Latin Mediōlānum of uncertain etymology. The name could be derived from Latin medius (middle, half) and planus (level, flat, even) basically meaning “in the middle of the flat” or “in the middle of the plain”. However, it’s also possible that the name has Gaulish roots made up from Proto-Celtic *medyos (middle) and *landā ( (open) land) which is the same source as Welsh llan (churchyard; enclosure, yard; church, parish) possibly referring to Celtic shrines located in the center of town. Another possible etymology behind the name is the ancient emblem of Milan, Italy, scrofa semilanuta meaning “half-woolen boar” and that Mediōlānum meaning “half-wool” although from my research the latter seems to be a stretch.

Milan is also a Slavic male name which comes from Slavic element milu meaning “gracious, dear”; its feminine form is Milena. Milan is also the French word for the kite bird; it’s also a Hindi word meaning “union, meeting, contact”. Milan is also a surname, originating as a locational surname for someone who came from the city of Milan though it could also have originated as a nickname after kite (bird) or from Slavic milu. As an English surname, it could be a variant spelling of Millan, a shortened form of Gaelic MacMillan meaning “son of Maolán”, the latter a diminutive of maol (bare, bald) essentially meaning “son of the bald one” or “son of the tonsured one”.

Origin: Proto-Indo-European, Sanskrit, Proto-Celtic


Male forms:

  • Milen (Bulgarian)
  • Milán (Hungarian)


Female forms:

  • Milena (Bulgarian, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Italian)
  • Milana (Serbian, Croatian, Russian, Czech)
  • Mylène (French)
  • Miléna (Hungarian)
  • Mila (Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian)


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